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12/11/2023 Milwaukee Expands their M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System 11/13/2023 Milwaukee® Disrupts the Industry with The Most Powerful String Trimmer 10/16/2023 Milwaukee® Brings Next Advancement in Angle Grinders 10/11/2023 Everthrive Landscape: Shift to Milwaukee® M18™ tools benefits our clients and our people, while sharply boosting productivity 10/2/2023 Milwaukee® Provides Clarity in the Shop 10/2/2023 Milwaukee® Reaches New Heights with Telescoping Pole Saw 9/25/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers the Most Productive Way to Shear Strut on Site 9/18/2023 Align, Crimp, Repeat: Milwaukee® Provides the Fastest Way to Crimp 9/11/2023 Milwaukee® Introduces First M18™ Rotary Lasers and Accessories 9/5/2023 Milwaukee® Brings Fastening into the Future 9/5/2023 Milwaukee® Drives Innovation with Next Generation of M18 FUEL™ 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrenches 8/14/2023 Milwaukee® Provides Premium Quality with New In-Ear Audio Solution 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers the Power to Core 14" Holes 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Disrupts the Automotive Industry with New INSIDER™ Extended Reach Box Ratchet 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Eliminates the Hassles of Gas with New Battery-Powered Trowel 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Expands Presence in Site Preparation 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Expands Their MX FUEL™ Equipment System Lineup 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Increases Capabilities of their M18™ and MX FUEL™ Systems 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Introduces New 14” Cut Off Saw to MX FUEL™ Equipment System 8/8/2023 Milwaukee® Introduces Solution to Effectively Cut Green Concrete 7/31/2023 Milwaukee® Brings Full Corded Power to Mid-Size Routers 7/24/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers Fully Pneumatic-Replacement Finish Nailer Solution 7/10/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers User-Driven Innovation with New Taps and Dies Program 7/10/2023 Milwaukee® Introduces New WORKWEAR Collections 6/26/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers Disruptive Performance and Size in New Brushless Solutions 6/12/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers Best in Class Heat Output 5/29/2023 Milwaukee® NITRUS CARBIDE™ Multi-Tool Blades Deliver the Fastest Cutting, and longest Life 5/22/2023 Milwaukee® Drives Productivity, Reducing Fatigue with new Battery-Powered Pruning Shears 4/17/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers Linemen with the Easiest Way to Crimp Utility Connectors 4/17/2023 Milwaukee® Delivers User-Driven Innovation with New Cutting Pliers and Screwdrivers 4/17/2023 Milwaukee® Drives Technology Innovation with Drilling and Driving Solutions 4/17/2023 Milwaukee® Revolutionizes the Professional User Experience with New Top Handle Chainsaw 3/13/2023 Milwaukee® Expands Outdoor Power Equipment Lineup with new M18 FUEL™ Brush Cutter 3/6/2023 Milwaukee® Enhances Their Diagnostic Camera Technology with New M-Spector™ Inspection Cameras 2/27/2023 Milwaukee® Eliminates the Hassles of Cords and Delivers Instant Power with New M18 FUEL™ 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2/20/2023 Milwaukee® Adds the Most Compact and Lightweight Reel to their Pipeline Inspection System 2/20/2023 New M18™ FUEL™ High Speed Chain Snake Delivers Best in Class Performance for 1-½” - 4" Drains 2/13/2023 Milwaukee® Provides Linemen the Easiest Way to Make Uniform Crimps 2/6/2023 Milwaukee® Improves Productivity for Linemen with the Fastest Way to Crimp 2/6/2023 Milwaukee Tool Launches Lug Nut Sockets with The Industries Most Durable, Non-Marring Sleeve 1/30/2023 Milwaukee® Revolutionizes Workflow with the Industry's First Cordless Threading Machine 1/30/2023 Milwaukee Tool's Newest REDLITHIUM™ USB Flashlight Provides Faster Beam Adjustments 1/16/2023 Milwaukee Tool Continues to Grow Their BOLT™ System with the Addition of Earmuffs 1/9/2023 Milwaukee Tool Continues to Light the Jobsite with a New Lighting Solution with PACKOUT™ Compatibility


12/19/2022 Milwaukee Tool Releases the Latest Addition to Their Workwear Category 12/12/2022 Milwaukee® Provides Improved Performance with Second Generation Die Grinders 12/9/2022 Milwaukee Tool Delivers New Customizable Accessory Storage Solutions with their Drilling and Driving Cases 10/31/2022 MILWAUKEE® Introduces M12 FUEL™ Bandfile for the Professional Automotive Technician 10/10/2022 Milwaukee® Maximizes Productivity and Reduces Fatigue with New Battery-Powered Sprayer 10/6/2022 Milwaukee® Expands Their HATCHET™ Lineup into the M18™ System 10/3/2022 MILWAUKEE® Introduces New Neck Light to their REDLITHIUM™ USB Line-Up 9/26/2022 Milwaukee® Reaches New Lengths with High-Speed Ratchets 9/19/2022 New Milwaukee® Striking Solutions Deliver Maximum Efficiency on Site 9/12/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces a Portable Charging Solution with the New M18™ PACKOUT™ Six Bay Rapid Charger 9/6/2022 Milwaukee® Delivers Another Innovative M12™ Laser Solution 9/6/2022 Milwaukee® Raises the Bar with SDS Plus Rotary Hammer 9/6/2022 Milwaukee Tool Launches Full System of BOLT™ Eye and Face Protection 7/18/2022 Milwaukee Tool Releases 2022 Heated Gear Lineup 7/11/2022 Milwaukee® Expands Their M18 FUEL™ Blower Line-Up 7/11/2022 Milwaukee® Releases Fall 2022 WORKWEAR 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Continues to Lead in the Subcompact Drilling and Driving Space 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Delivers 15A Portable Power to their M18™ System 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Dominates High-Performance Drilling/Driving with their New M18 FUEL™ Drill and Impact 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces New Stick Light to their REDLITHIUM™ USB Line-Up 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Locks in the Fastest Cordless Lockbolt Installations 6/29/2022 Milwaukee® Upgrades the Entire M12™ System with the New M12™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ Batteries. 6/28/2022 Milwaukee® Disrupts Traditional Hand Sanding 6/28/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces Long Awaited Track Saw 6/27/2022 Milwaukee® Rounds Out Pipeline Inspection Tool Offering 6/20/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces Alternative Metal-Cutting Solution with 18-Volt Capacity 6/6/2022 Milwaukee® Expands Ground-Breaking Sawzall® Blade Solutions 5/16/2022 Milwaukee Tool Expands Lineup to Offer High Dexterity Hand Protection 5/9/2022 Milwaukee® Grows Frame to Finish Story 5/9/2022 One System, More Versatility with New M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachments 5/2/2022 Milwaukee Expands BOLT™ PPE Line Up with Sun Protection 4/25/2022 Milwaukee® Adds Arm Protection to PPE Line 4/25/2022 Milwaukee® Disrupts Manual Stapling Solutions 4/25/2022 Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System Expands with new Tumblers & Cooler 4/20/2022 Milwaukee Tool Opens Engineering ‘New Technology’ Office in Chicago 4/18/2022 Milwaukee Takes Concrete Finishing Solutions One Step Further 4/18/2022 Milwaukee® Tool Expands Mechanics Hand Tools Lineup to Feature Four New Hooks and Picks 4/11/2022 Milwaukee Capitalizes on Recent Laser Success with Newest Addition to Layout Space 4/11/2022 Milwaukee’s M12™ System Expands with a New Compact Hedge Trimmer 4/4/2022 Milwaukee® Expands PACKOUT™ System with 20+ New Solutions to Customize Your Shop 3/28/2022 Milwaukee Introduces Two New Polishers to Take-On Heavy Corrections 3/21/2022 Milwaukee® Delivers 18V Air Speed with the M12™ Mounting Fan 3/14/2022 Milwaukee Tool Creates Power Utility Dedicated AR/FR High Visibility Safety Vests 2/28/2022 Milwaukee® Advances Auto Lighting Solutions with the New M12™ Paint and Detailing Color Match Light 2/28/2022 Milwaukee® Expands the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System with a new Tool Tray 2/28/2022 Milwaukee Tool Increases Productivity with the Fastest 18V Cordless Tire Inflator on the Market 2/21/2022 Milwaukee® Eliminates the Hassles of Manual Water Pumping 2/21/2022 Milwaukee® M18™ Drum Machine Has More Power Than Corded Units 2/21/2022 Milwaukee® Outperforms 3.5-4.25 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuums with the Introduction of M18 FUEL™ 6, 9, & 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuums. 2/21/2022 Milwaukee® Revolutionizes Solutions at the End of the Hose with AIR-TIP™ Trade Focused Vacuum Accessories 2/7/2022 Milwaukee® Expands Their Workwear Line Up with Performance Driven Apparel 2/7/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces Retractable Lanyard to Their Tethering Lineup 1/31/2022 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1/31/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces Industry’s Lightest Die Heads 1/31/2022 Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s Lightest Cordless Threading Solution 1/31/2022 Milwaukee® Updates Their Personal Protective Equipment Customization Process to be Offered in House 1/17/2022 Milwaukee® Advances Standards of Productivity with New 1” IPS-P Press Jaw for M12™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool 1/17/2022 Milwaukee® Introduces Highly Anticipated M18 FUEL™ Mower


12/20/2021 Milwaukee® Tackles the Toughest Grinding and Cutting Applications with Two New Specialty Grinders 12/9/2021 Milwaukee ® Grows N95 Respirator Line 12/6/2021 Milwaukee® Grows N95 Respirator Line 12/6/2021 Milwaukee® Grows Their Interchangeable, Powered Auger System 12/6/2021 Milwaukee® Hard Hat Line Up Expands Personal Protective Solutions 11/22/2021 NEW ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth Tracking Tag with the Largest Tracking Network 11/15/2021 Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Consistent & Reliable Battery-Powered Screed 11/15/2021 No Set Up, Less Hassle with New Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Concrete Pencil Vibrator 11/8/2021 Milwaukee's® Full Pneumatic Replacement – The New Gen M18 FUEL™ Finish Nailers 10/11/2021 Milwaukee® Announces Newest Addition to Press Tool Solutions with NEW RLS™ ACR Press Jaws 10/11/2021 Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s Most Portable 6” Tripod Chain Vise 9/27/2021 M18™ Utility Remote Control Search Light Spots Lines, Floods Fields and Goes Anywhere 8/30/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers Rust Resistance with new Stainless Steel Fish Tapes 8/30/2021 Milwaukee® Expands Lighting Solutions with New Hands-Free Underbody Light 8/30/2021 Milwaukee® Rounds Out Lineup of Winter Dipped, Polyurethane, and Nitrile Gloves 8/24/2021 Milwaukee Tool Marks Another Expansion in Mississippi 8/16/2021 Milwaukee® Advances Rotary Hammer Solutions with the Second Generation M18 FUEL™ 1-1/8” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY™ 8/2/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers Better Protection & More Comfort with New Safety Helmets 8/2/2021 Milwaukee® Expansion Tools Lineup Expands Again 7/26/2021 Milwaukee® Adds New Deep Organizer to the PACKOUT™ System 7/26/2021 Milwaukee® Introduces Heavy Duty Work Pants with FREEFLEX™ Mobility! 7/26/2021 New PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Chest: Transport 2 PACKOUT™ Stacks onto the Site! 7/19/2021 New M12™ Compact Spot Blower Delivers More Control and Faster Clean-Up 7/19/2021 Next Generation Milwaukee® HOLE DOZER ™ with Carbide Teeth Hole Saws Deliver Fast Cuts and More Durability 7/12/2021 Milwaukee® Marks Another Major Personal Lighting Expansion 7/12/2021 New Milwaukee 4IN1 Lineman’s Hammer Delivers Versatility on the Site 7/12/2021 Milwaukee Tool Introduces Next Generation of M12™ Heated TOUGHSHELL™ and QUIETSHELL Jackets 7/6/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers the Fastest Point-to-Point Alignment with the New 165’ Laser Line Detector 6/1/2021 Milwaukee® Develops New Streamline™ ACR Press Jaws and Ring in Partnership with Mueller Streamline 5/24/2021 Milwaukee Tool Adds a 72” Tripod to Their Laser Accessory Lineup 5/24/2021 Milwaukee Tool Cuts the Cord with the Industry’s First 18V Abrasive Chop Saw 5/24/2021 Milwaukee’s New M18 FUEL™ 4-1/2” / 5” Braking Grinders Deliver Enhanced Safety on the Jobsite 5/17/2021 Milwaukee® Expands PACKOUT™ System with New PACKOUT™ First Aid Kits 5/17/2021 Milwaukee® Introduces One-Piece Carbide Hole Cutters 5/10/2021 The Best Just Got Better! Milwaukee® Announces New CHEATER Aluminum Pipe Wrench 5/5/2021 Milwaukee Tool to Expand Corporate Operations into Downtown Milwaukee 4/21/2021 Milwaukee Tool to Expand Manufacturing Presence in MS 4/19/2021 Milwaukee® Unveils Ratchets with a Flexible Head Design 4/12/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers Up To 15X Life in Stainless Steel with New Cobalt Step Drill Bits 4/5/2021 Milwaukee Tool Expands Personal Protective Equipment Offering with New Knee Pads! 4/5/2021 New MX FUEL™ Backpack Concrete Vibrator Delivers Consistent Starts and the Most Reliable Pours 4/2/2021 ABC and Milwaukee Tool Announce Strategic Partnership 3/29/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers a Fiberglass and Composite Drilling Solution with New SHOCKWAVE IMPACT DUTY™ Lineman’s Fiberglass Drill Bits 3/8/2021 Milwaukee Announces Their Largest PACKOUT Solution Yet The PACKOUT XL Tool Box 3/8/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers a New Way to Light the Site with the MX FUEL™ ROCKET™ Tower Light/Charger 3/1/2021 Milwaukee® Expands Mechanics Hand Tools with new Extended Handle Ratchets & Stubby Ratchets 3/1/2021 Milwaukee® Nails It with New M12™ 23 Gauge Pin Nailer 2/26/2021 Milwaukee® Advances Rotary Hammer Solutions with the Second Generation M18 FUEL™ 1” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer 2/26/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers 11A Corded Power on a Cordless Platform with Second Generation M18 FUEL™ 4-1/2” / 5” Grinders 2/18/2021 Milwaukee® Reveals World’s First Cordless Low Speed Tire Buffer 2/15/2021 Milwaukee® Expands Safety Vest Lineup with New Mesh and Surveyor’s Safety Vests 2/1/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers the Boldest, Longest Lasting Markings with New SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY™ 6 Point Sockets 1/18/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers the Fastest Cordless Riveting with New M18 FUEL™ ¼” Blind Rivet Tool w/ONE-KEY™ 1/12/2021 Milwaukee® Delivers the Most Durable Hole Saws with New Bi-Metal Hole Saws 1/12/2021 Milwaukee® Pulls Out All the Stops with New PACKOUT™ Drawers 1/4/2021 Milwaukee’s New High Speed Ratchets Deliver the Fastest Speeds for Increased Productivity


12/21/2020 Milwaukee® Launches Lightweight, Breathable Face Masks for All-Day Wear 12/14/2020 Milwaukee® Announces the MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply 12/7/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Outdoor Power Equipment Lineup with New M18™ Brushless String Trimmer 12/7/2020 Milwaukee® Expands PACKOUT™ Lineup with Racking 12/7/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Safety Glasses Offering with Anti-Scratch, Fog-Free, and New Lens Colors 12/7/2020 Milwaukee Tool Provides All Day Comfort with New Banded Hearing Protection 12/7/2020 New M18™ ROVER™ Flood Light Delivers 33% More Lumens Than Original Model 11/23/2020 Milwaukee Tool Introduces the Fastest Cutting and Lightest Compact Band Saw on the Market 11/16/2020 Milwaukee® Develops M12 FUEL™ ProPEX® Expander in Partnership with Uponor 11/9/2020 Milwaukee® Elevates Press Tool Intelligence to New Heights 10/26/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Conduit Bender Lineup 10/20/2020 Milwaukee® Adds Hard Hat Lanyards to Lanyard Lineup 10/20/2020 Lucky Number 7in1! Milwaukee® Expands Electrical Hand Tool Solutions with New 7in1 High-Leverage Pliers 10/19/2020 Milwaukee® Towers Above the Rest with 2X the Light Output 10/5/2020 Milwaukee Tool Adds to Lighting Solutions with New M12 ROVER Flood Light 9/28/2020 Milwaukee’s New M18 FUEL™ Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches Can Tackle Over 90% of Fastening Applications! 9/28/2020 Milwaukee® Expands 6T Crimper Lineup with New 6T Linear Utility Crimper 9/28/2020 The Smallest Impacts in Their Class! Milwaukee’s New M18 FUEL™ Compact Impact Wrenches Deliver More Torque in Tighter Spaces 9/24/2020 Recharge Faster and Power Simultaneously with the M18™ TOP-OFF™ 175W Power Supply 9/21/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Knife Lineup with Three New Knives 9/21/2020 Versatility for Sink Lines to Sewer Lines! Milwaukee® Unveils the Lightest, Most Portable Sectional Machine for 5/8” and 7/8” Cable 9/21/2020 New M18 FUEL™ Multi-Tool Delivers the Fastest Cuts, Lowest Vibration, and Power for Demolition 9/15/2020 Milwaukee Tool to Open New Service Hub in Indiana 9/11/2020 Milwaukee® Gives the Greenlight to Full Lineup of New Laser Solutions 9/11/2020 Milwaukee Tool Expands the PACKOUT™ System Once Again with Cart and Work Top 9/11/2020 New Milwaukee® Lighting Solution Lights the Site with PACKOUT™ Compatibility 9/8/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Solutions for Linemen with New Fiberglass Bolt Cutters, Power Utility Wrenches, and Power Utility Storage 9/8/2020 The Legend Just Got Better – Milwaukee® Unveils a Souped-Up New SAWZALL® 8/18/2020 New M18 FUEL™ Compact Vacuum Provides Ultimate Versatility, Exclusive Two-Stage Debris Separation System 8/18/2020 The M18 FUEL™ PACKOUT™ Vacuum Brings Jobsite Clean-Up Capabilities to the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System 8/18/2020 Milwaukee® Reveals the Highest Performing 12V Wet/Dry Vacuum on the Market 8/18/2020 The Smallest Impacts in Their Class! Milwaukee’s New M18 FUEL™ Compact Impact Wrenches Deliver More Torque in Tighter Spaces 8/18/2020 Milwaukee’s New M18 FUEL™ Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches Can Tackle Over 90% of Fastening Applications! 8/13/2020 Milwaukee Tool Integrates One-Key™ with Autodesk BIM 360® 8/10/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Personal Lighting Lineup with Two New Flashlights 8/3/2020 Milwaukee® Unveils Fastest, Lowest Vibration 12V Multi-Tool 7/27/2020 New Milwaukee® Neck Gaiter Delivers All Day Comfort with Adaptable Protection 7/20/2020 Milwaukee® Unveils Their First Line of Framing Nailers 7/20/2020 Milwaukee® Wrecks the Jobsite with New Drilling Hammer, Nail Pullers, and Pry Bars 7/14/2020 New M12 FUEL™ HATCHET™ 6” Pruning Saw Delivers Better Maneuverability Than Chainsaws in Tight Access Areas 7/13/2020 Milwaukee® Makes Extensive Carbide Teeth Expansion 7/13/2020 It Climbs Stairs! New Milwaukee® MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine Simplifies Sewer Calls 7/13/2020 Milwaukee Tool Expands Cutting Accessory Solutions with New Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades 7/6/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Layout Solutions with Three New I-Beam Levels 6/29/2020 Limit Layers with Milwaukee Tool’s New Rechargeable Heated Base Layer 6/29/2020 Milwaukee Tool Reveals New Masonry, Concrete, and Tile Drilling Accessories 6/1/2020 Milwaukee® Unveils the World’s First Cordless 1” D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrench 5/18/2020 Milwaukee® Announces the MX FUEL™ Breaker 5/18/2020 Charge Up. Hang Up. Turn Up. Milwaukee® Unveils the M12™ Radio + Charger! 5/15/2020 Easily Manage Tool & Equipment Inventory with Milwaukee Tool’s new One-Key™ Asset ID Tags 5/4/2020 Milwaukee® Announces the MX FUEL™ 14” Cut Off Saw 5/4/2020 Milwaukee® Expands PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System with New Compact Cooler 5/4/2020 Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s Quietest Cordless Compressor 4/27/2020 Milwaukee® Announces Ratchet and Socket Sets Available in PACKOUT™ Organizers 4/20/2020 Milwaukee® Announces a 6T Pistol Utility Crimper for Overhead Distribution 4/20/2020 Milwaukee® Introduces a CABLE DRIVE™ Assembly for the M18 FUEL™ SWITCH PACK™ Sectional Drum System 4/10/2020 Milwaukee Tool’s New Intrinsically Safe Headlamp Lights Up Hazardous Locations 4/6/2020 Milwaukee® Delivers the Next Generation of Right Angle Drilling for Electrical Rough-In 3/9/2020 Introducing the Industry's Most Powerful Right Angle Impact Wrench 2/28/2020 Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s First Cordless 8” Metal Cutting Circular Saw 2/10/2020 New Milwaukee® Compact Band Saws Deliver the Fastest Cutting Speed in Their Class 2/10/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Die Grinder Lineup with the M12 FUEL™ Straight Die Grinder 2/10/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Hand Tool Offering with New Bolt Cutter Sizes 2/10/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Press Tool Capability with New PEX Crimp Jaws 2/10/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Workwear Lineup to Provide All Day Protection and Outlast the Job 1/20/2020 New M18™ Charger Simultaneously Charges Batteries Over 3X Faster 1/20/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Cordless Nailer Lineup with New Narrow Crown Stapler 1/20/2020 Milwaukee® Expands Press Tool Capability with New PEX Crimp Jaws 1/20/2020 New Milwaukee® Nitrus Carbide™ Blades Cut 3X Longer Than Standard Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blades 1/20/2020 Milwaukee’s PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System Expands with New PACKOUT™ Compact Tool Box


11/11/2019 Milwaukee® Unveils the First Cordless Sewer Sectional Machine 10/28/2019 Milwaukee® Updates Hole Saw Slot Form 10/14/2019 Milwaukee® Expands Mechanics Hand Tools with New Ratchet and Socket Sets and Breaker Bars 10/14/2019 Milwaukee® Expands Tool Lanyard and Lanyard Accessory Lineup 10/14/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces the Ultimate Jobsite Sound System: The M18™ PACKOUT™ Radio + Charger 10/14/2019 Stay Warm All Day with New Milwaukee® Winter Gloves 10/7/2019 Milwaukee® Broadens Miter Saw Offering with new M18 FUEL™ 12” Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw 9/30/2019 Milwaukee’s PACKOUT™ System Expands with New PACKOUT™ Crate Option 9/23/2019 Stay Safe & Stay Productive with Milwaukee’s New Personal Safety Solutions 9/16/2019 Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ ANGLER™ is the World’s FIRST Battery-Powered Fish Tape Solution! 9/16/2019 Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Dual-Trigger Band Saw Outperforms Corded While Maintaining Safety 9/16/2019 Milwaukee® Refreshes FASTBACK™ Utility, Spring Assisted, and Pocket Knives 9/13/2019 Make Clean, Precise Cuts with Milwaukee’s new M18 FUEL™ Compact Router 9/11/2019 New Empire eXT Extendable Levels Are Accurate at Any Size 9/10/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces the Next Generation of Red Helix™ Cobalt Drill Bits 9/9/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s First Motorized Torque Wrench, Delivering 50% Faster Electrical Installations 9/9/2019 Milwaukee® Launches Major Expansion of Their Headlamp Offering 9/3/2019 New M12™ and M18™ Cable Strippers Provide Safer Stripping and with Less Strain 9/3/2019 Milwaukee’s New M12 FUEL™ Right Angle Die Grinders are More Powerful than Pneumatic! 9/3/2019 Milwaukee® Expands Accessory Solutions for the Utility Industry with 2-in-1 and Hex Bit Sockets 9/3/2019 Milwaukee Tool’s New Season of Heated Gear Kicks Off with New M12™ Heated AXIS™ Layering System and Updated Jackets 8/23/2019 Cut Reinforced Concrete Without the Frustrations of Gas with the new M18 FUEL™ 9” Cut Off Saw 8/19/2019 New Milwaukee® Controlled Torque Impact Wrench Enables Users to Perform Faster Tire Service – No Hoses, Compressors, or Torque Sticks Needed! 8/16/2019 Milwaukee’s new M12 FUEL™ Installation Drill/Driver:
4-in-1 Solutions, 16 Different Attaching Positions for Unrivaled Access and Control
8/9/2019 Milwaukee Builds Out Ratchet Offering with new M12 FUEL™ Extended Reach Ratchets 8/7/2019 Milwaukee® Grows Their Layout & Measuring Solutions with a Trim Square, Pipe Lock Level, and Pocket Level 8/7/2019 Milwaukee’s New Measuring Tapes Standout Among the Rest 7/12/2019 New M18 FUEL™ SUPER HAWG® Right-Angle Drill Delivers the Power and Speed to Replace Corded Tools 7/1/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces an M12™ Version of Their Popular SURGE™ Hydraulic Driver 6/17/2019 Milwaukee® Announces 2 New PACKOUT™ Additions: Dolly and Mounting Plate 6/11/2019 Milwaukee® Unveils A Rear Handle Circ Saw – Faster Than Corded, More Run-Time Than Other Cordless Options 5/30/2019 Crimping without Dies Just Got Simpler with Milwaukee’s new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 750 MCM Dieless Crimper 5/15/2019 Reach More with Milwaukee’s New PLUS-LOK™ SDS-Plus Extensions 4/8/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces a Maintenance-Free 130w LED Temporary Site Light 4/8/2019 Milwaukee® USB Rechargeable Utility Hot Stick Light Sets New Standard for Inline Hot Stick Lighting 4/8/2019 New M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 10,000 psi Hydraulic Pump Provides the Easiest Way to Power Hydraulics 4/8/2019 New Milwaukee® 15T Crimper is Designed to Reduce Peak Muscle Effort 4/4/2019 Hydraulic Pump 3/21/2019 The World’s First Cordless 1” High Torque Impact Wrench Just Made It Easier to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Compressors and Generators 3/7/2019 Milwaukee® Upgrades Its Entire M18™ System with New HIGH OUTPUT™ Batteries and M18™ & M12™ Super Charger 2/28/2019 New M18 FUEL™ 7/16” Utility Impact Wrench is First to Be Made Specifically for Linemen 2/7/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Framing & Rafter Squares with New-to-World Features 2/7/2019 Milwaukee® Introduces New Measurement Technology with REDSTICK™ Digital Levels 2/7/2019 New Milwaukee® Expandable Levels Allow Users to Frame More with No Maintenance 2/1/2019 Milwaukee® Launches M18™ SWITCH TANK™ System – The Industry’s First Interchangeable Sprayer and Water Supply System 2/1/2019 Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 4-1/2” - 6” Braking Grinders Generate Power of 13amp Corded 1/14/2019 Make Nut-Ready Cuts with Milwaukee Tool’s New M18™ Brushless Threaded Rod Cutter 1/14/2019 Milwaukee® Creates MegaPress XL® Compatible Jaws & Rings for the Industry’s Most Versatile Press Tool 1/14/2019 Milwaukee® Unveils the Industry’s First Cordless Pipe Threader 1/10/2019 Milwaukee Expands Outdoor Power Equipment Lineup with the Versatile QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System 1/9/2019 Milwaukee® Announces New Hand Tools for Electricians – Conduit Benders and Fish Tapes 1/8/2019 Milwaukee Advances Layout Solutions with Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reels 1/7/2019 Milwaukee Extreme Metal Band Saw Blades Make More Cuts with Less Blade Changes


10/30/2018 Milwaukee® Announces Its Fastest Drilling, Hardest Hitting SDS Max Rotary Hammer 10/18/2018 Milwaukee® Announces 3 New PACKOUT™ Additions: A Tech Bag, Backpack, and Cooler! 10/9/2018 Milwaukee® Announces New M18 FUEL™ Drilling and Fastening Solutions with ONE-KEY™ Functionality 9/28/2018 Milwaukee® Launches New Additions to Personal Lighting Lineup 8/28/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces the 10L Pipe Wrench with New-to-World Extended Length Handle 8/9/2018 Cut Through Metal, Tile, Drywall, Cement Board… and So Much More… with the Versatile M12 FUEL™ 3” Compact Cut Off Tool 8/6/2018 Milwaukee® Announces the Industry’s Most Durable Tape Measure – The STUD™ 8/3/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Durable & Fastest-Cutting Step Bits, Optimized for Impacts 8/2/2018 Wear, Hang, or Carry the new Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum Anywhere! 8/1/2018 Milwaukee® Expands Accessory Solutions for Linemen with Pole Step, J-Hook, Penta Sockets – and More Auger Sizes! 7/31/2018 Introducing the Industry’s FIRST Cordless Stubby Impacts 7/2/2018 Milwaukee Tool’s New Season of Heated Gear Kicks Off with Updated Jackets, Hoodies and new AXIS™ Jackets & Vests That Heat 3X Faster 6/29/2018 M18 FUEL Jig Saws 6/27/2018 Milwaukee® Launches Heated Gloves Built to Survive the Jobsite… and Beyond 6/15/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces Slim Profile Ratchets & Wrench-Compatible Sockets 5/22/2018 M18 FUEL Innovation 5/18/2018 Milwaukee® Announces the Most Powerful 3/8” Cordless Impact Wrench in the Industry 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Milwaukee® Announces the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 Battery 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The M18 FUEL™ Chainsaw Eats Through Hardwoods 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Redesigned M18 FUEL™ Drilling and Fastening Solutions Achieve More Power/Speed in a Smaller Package 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The World’s First 18V Large Angle Grinder 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Achieve 15amp Corded Power with the M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4” Circular Saw 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: Milwaukee® Develops the World’s First Cordless SUPER SAWZALL® 5/3/2018 The Next Breakthrough Is Here: The World’s First 18V Table Saw 5/1/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces OSHA® Table 1 Compliant Dust Box to its Universal M12™ HAMMERVAC™ & M18™ Dedicated HAMMERVAC™ 4/19/2018 Stay Safe & Productive with new Milwaukee® Tool Lanyards 4/6/2018 Milwaukee® ‘BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth’ Hole Saws Deliver 50X Longer Life in Nail-Embedded Wood & Abrasive Material 4/6/2018 Milwaukee® ‘HOLE DOZER™ with Carbide Teeth’ Hole Saws Deliver the Longest Life in Stainless Steel and Tackle the Toughest Abrasive Applications 4/6/2018 New Milwaukee® ‘The Torch™ with Carbide Teeth’ Recip Blades Tear through Extreme Metals, Deliver 50X Longer Life 3/15/2018 New Milwaukee® Ratcheting Combination Wrenches Feature 144 Teeth for 2.5° Arc Swing 3/5/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces the Fastest Cordless Tire Inflator: Top-Off a Car in Under 1 Minute! 3/5/2018 Milwaukee® to Launch an 18V Random Orbit Sander with Corded Power & More Control 3/1/2018 Rivet Faster & Easier with Milwaukee’s New M12™ Rivet Tool 2/28/2018 New Milwaukee® Circ Blades Feature Anti-Friction Coating & Laser Cut Technology for Maximized Life & Accuracy 2/22/2018 New Milwaukee® Bolt Cutters Feature POWERMOVE™ Extendable Arms 2/1/2018 Milwaukee® Introduces a Compact Site Light with 2-in-1 Lighting Features 1/29/2018 Milwaukee Tool Announces Planned Expansion of Brookfield, Wis. Headquarters, Creating Over 350 New Jobs 1/9/2018 Milwaukee® Announces the DUST TRAP™ - OSHA® Compliance without a Vacuum 1/3/2018 Screed, Smooth, & Level All With One Tool – New Milwaukee® REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels


12/15/2017 Pack. Lock. Outlast. Milwaukee® Announces the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System 12/14/2017 New Milwaukee® 52” Mobile Work Station Features Raised Surface with Pullout Trays 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Combination Wrench Sets with MAX BITE™ for up to 25% More Torque 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces 12pc Ratchet & Socket Set 12/14/2017 New Milwaukee® Cushion Grip Screwdrivers Feature the Most Durable (and Comfortable!) Handles 12/14/2017 Milwaukee Tool will introduce 3 ANSI/ISEA-rated cut-resistant gloves in November 2017 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Launches a Fixed Blade Hawkbill Knife for the Utility Industry 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Fixed Blade Knives in Both Utility and EDC 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Ultimate and Low-Profile Backpacks 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® Announces Its Coolest Product Yet: The Jobsite Cooler 12/14/2017 New Milwaukee® Laser Distance Meters Provide Easiest Measurements 12/14/2017 Milwaukee® ‘Hits the Nail on the Head’ with 10X Less Vibration Hammers 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Delivers the Lightest, Most Compact Cordless 3/8” Crown Stapler 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s First 18V Heat Gun 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the Brightest Site Light in the Industry 12/13/2017 New Dust Extraction Products 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Dust Extraction: A Solution for Every Concrete Cut, Grind, or Prep 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Announces New Family of Personal Lighting Solutions 12/13/2017 Milwaukee® Announces the TICK™ Tool & Equipment Tracker: Tracks Anything. Survives Everything. 12/12/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Compact Solution to their Knockout Lineup 12/12/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces New Lightweight WORKSKIN™ Performance Shirts 12/4/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Low Voltage/Voice/Data/Video Hand Tools for VDV Professionals 12/1/2017 Milwaukee® Elevates the Industry Benchmark with the Most Compact, Most Capable 12V Drilling & Driving Solutions 11/30/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces a New M18 FUEL™ Blower – More Power, Less Weight 11/9/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces New Utility Pouches 11/7/2017 Introducing M18 FUEL™ High Torque Impact Wrenches w/One-Key™: The Industry’s Most Powerful Impact Wrench, Now with the Most Control 11/2/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces a High Bay Light that’s Easy to Set Up and Maintenance-Free! 10/3/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Versatile Flood Light for Every Task 9/28/2017 Milwaukee® Announces the First Lithium-Powered Soldering Solution 9/13/2017 Milwaukee® Develops the First Brushless, 18V One-Handed Reciprocating Saw 9/1/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Extractor Set 8/31/2017 New M12™ AIRSNAKE™ Drain Clearing Air Gun is the First Machine to Use Powered Air to Clear Through Drain Covers & Traps 8/31/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the First Drain Snake with a Brushless Motor and CABLE-DRIVE™ Locking Feed System 8/31/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Line of Premium Corrosion-Resistant Drain Cables 8/31/2017 The M18 FUEL™ SWITCH PACK™ Drain Cleaning System Combines the Benefits of Sectional and Drum Machines 8/29/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Heavy Duty REDSTICK™ Box Level Storage 8/24/2017 No Cords, No Hoses, No Compressor. Unparalleled Torque. Milwaukee® Delivers Breakthrough Performance with M12 FUEL™ Ratchets 8/17/2017 New Milwaukee® M18™ ROCKET™ Dual Pack Tower Light Provides High Definition Adjustable Lighting for Utility Industry 8/3/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer – Mix up to 15 Buckets on a Single Charge! 8/2/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s Lightest Weight Cordless Miter Saw 7/21/2017 Milwaukee Tool Announces Next Generation Line of Screwdrivers 7/20/2017 Powerful Enough to Replace Pneumatic & Corded – New M18 FUEL™ High Torque Impact Wrenches Are An Industry First! 7/19/2017 Milwaukee® Announces the Next Generation of its Popular Line of Aviation Snips 7/18/2017 Milwaukee® 102x77 Spot Infrared Imager Delivers Fastest Scanning & Instant Images 7/14/2017 Milwaukee® Launches New Line of Accessories Engineered Specifically for Power Utility 7/14/2017 Make Straight, Easy Cuts in PVC with the new Milwaukee® Ratcheting Pipe Cutter 7/12/2017 Milwaukee® Improves Durability, Mobility, and Performance of Work Gear for the Trades with New Jackets, Bibs, and Sweatshirt 6/9/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Self-Sharpening Chisels and Next Generation SDS Max Drill Bits 5/9/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces Tubing Cutter Solutions for Larger Capacity Copper & PEX 4/20/2017 New M12™ LED Underhood Light Shines Brighter, Grips Stronger and Protects Longer 3/9/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces the Industry’s Fastest-Cutting Cordless Metal Circular Saw 1/26/2017 The M18™ Short Throw Press Tool w/PEX Crimp Jaws Creates Fastest, Effortless Installs from Branch to Fixture 1/26/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces TRAPSNAKE™: The First Interchangeable, Powered Porcelain Auger System 1/23/2017 Milwaukee® Delivers Corded Performance and Cordless Productivity with M18 FUEL™ 1/4” Die Grinder 1/12/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces 18” and 24” Rolling Bags 1/2/2017 Milwaukee® Introduces M18 FUEL™ Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches