Milwaukee® Expands Conduit Bender Lineup

Milwaukee Tool is growing its lineup of hand tool solutions for electricians with the introduction of the 1” Aluminum Conduit Bender. 


Featuring high contrast markings, Milwaukee’s conduit benders provide the best visibility allowing users to easily and accurately make bends.  A reinforced hook and pedal provide added durability while a secure double-bolted handle won’t loosen. The conduit benders also feature the most bending references and a wear-resistant chart integrated into the handle for easier use.  With this expansion, Milwaukee’s conduit bender lineup now consists of three iron conduit benders in ½”, ¾”, and 1” sizes and three aluminum conduit benders in ½”, ¾”, and 1” sizes. 


The new conduit bender will be available for purchase at select distributors in November of 2020.



Milwaukee® Conduit Benders


1/2” EMT Iron Conduit Bender (48-22-4080)

3/4" EMT Iron Conduit Bender (48-22-4081)

1” EMT Iron Conduit Bender (48-22-4082)



1/2” EMT Aluminum Conduit Bender (48-22-4070)

3/4” EMT Aluminum Conduit Bender (48-22-4071)

1” EMT Aluminum Conduit Bender (48-22-4072) – NEW!