Stay Safe & Stay Productive with Milwaukee’s New Personal Safety Solutions

MILWAUKEE, WI—Milwaukee Tool enhances safety and productivity on the jobsite with their new line of personal safety solutions.  These innovative solutions are thoughtfully designed to keep users safe without slowing them down. The initial line will include a range of hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility safety vests, respirators, and hearing protection, as well as an extension of their current glove offering.

“We are always looking for ways to help our users get their work done faster and more efficiently, while keeping users safe. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical on jobsites, but many of the current solutions on the market have experienced very little change over time. Users have had only incremental improvements to solutions that already lack versatility, flexibility, and durability. This lack of innovation has led some users to resort to altering their jobsite protection to maximize productivity at the expense of safety,” said Zach Richman, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Milwaukee® intends to disrupt the personal safety market with solutions designed for the challenges users face and offer new features they’ve demanded for years.”

Hard Hats

One of the most common problems with current hard hats is that they aren’t built with the versatility to support critical accessories and PPE. To incorporate additional accessories, users frequently modify their hard hats by drilling holes and using zip ties, ultimately risking the overall integrity of the hard hat as a result. Milwaukee strategically designed their new hard hats to adapt to the jobsite. The hats feature a BOLT™ Hard Hat Headlamp Mount that enables users to easily secure their headlamp to the front or back of their hard hat without having to strap it in. With this feature, users can utilize their headlamp and other accessories simultaneously. The hard hats also feature six total accessory slots—four BOLT™ accessory slots and two universal accessory slots, allowing users to customize their hard hat for the application. A ratcheting suspension lets users quickly adjust their hard hat. All hard hats are type 1 and offered in both Class C and Class E,* as well as full brim and front brim.

Safety Glasses

Milwaukee is also introducing three lines of eye protection: Safety Glasses, Performance Safety Glasses, and Performance Safety Glasses with Gasket. All eye protection will be available in both clear and tinted models. The Safety Glasses are equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses to ensure that users’ vision stays unobstructed on the jobsite, and a flexible nose bridge provides a better, more comfortable fit. As a step up in productivity and durability, the Performance Safety Glasses provide fog-free lenses and military-grade impact protection above the Z87.1 ANSI rating† for projectile protection. Finally, the Performance Safety Glasses with Gasket feature a removeable gasket that protects users from debris. They also feature fog-free, military-impact lenses and are available in clear and polarized models to protect against glare.

High Visibility Safety Vests

The High Visibility Performance Safety Vest comes complete with 15 reinforced pockets, a clear ID holder, and a zippered rear tablet pocket that enables users to carry more. The vest has a comfortable padded collar and a reinforced pass-through for fall protection. Alongside the High Visibility Performance Safety Vest, Milwaukee will also have a High Visibility Safety Vest that comes complete with 10 pockets. Both vests are offered in both yellow and orange and is Type R Class 2 Rated.‡ They will also be available in a CSA/ANSI version.§


For increased comfort and productivity on the jobsite, Milwaukee’s new N95 Valved Respirators (with and without Gasket) come equipped with a valve that reduces heat inside by 10 degrees. For an improved fit, the respirators are equipped with soft, adjustable straps and a flexible nose bridge. The N95 Valved Respirator with Gasket incorporates a comfortable, tight-sealing gasket for an even better fit.

Hearing Protection

Milwaukee’s new Ear Plugs and Reusable Corded Ear Plugs offer all day comfort. The Ear Plugs are made of soft, comfortable foam and the reusable corded ear plugs are made of soft silicone. Designed with a tapered shape for a better fit, the Ear Plugs expand quickly to minimize downtime on the jobsite. The Reusable Corded Ear Plugs are corded for easy access and have a quick-fit design for fast use. The Ear Plugs are rated to an NRR of 32dB and the Reusable Corded Ear Plugs are rated to an NRR of 26dB.ǁ

Impact-Resistant Gloves

A step up from Milwaukee’s current Demolition Gloves, the new Impact Demolition Gloves are built with enhanced TPR on the back of the fingertips and palms. With an ANSI/ISEA Level 2 Impact Rating, these gloves offer protection for users at high risk of hand and finger injury. The new standard creates clear definitions for full back of hand protection. Rounding out Milwaukee’s line of cut-resistant gloves, new High-Visibility Polyurethane Dipped Gloves will be available in ANSI cut levels 2, 3, and 4. ¶ They incorporate a breathable, lightweight back for better fit and a nitrile reinforcement between the thumb for better protection. The final addition in the new expansion is the Goatskin Leather Glove. It is created with comfortable top grain goatskin leather and a reinforced palm for a longer life. 

Milwaukee Tool’s new personal safety solutions are designed to provide users with all-day comfort, ultimate durability and the best protection—without sacrificing jobsite productivity. For more information on Milwaukee® Safety Gear or to view the entire line, please visit www.milwaukeetool.com/ppe.           

*Class C is classification for Conductive Helmets. Class E is classification for Electrical Helmets, intended to reduce the danger of contact with higher voltage conductors and proof-tested at 20,000 volts.


ANSI Z87.1—Eye and Face Protection Standard: Sets the comprehensive standards to be used for protective eye and face devices in OSHA U.S. regulations. Z87.1 is the standard for safety glasses.

‡Type R designates for roadway and temporary traffic control zones. Class 2 designates that additional high-visibility materials have been incorporated.

§ ANSI/CSA compliant safety vests feature an X on the backside to differentiate the front and back with the end user. These vests are required on all Canadian and some U.S. jobsites.

ǁ The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a unit of measurement used to determine the effectiveness of hearing protection to decrease sound exposure. The higher the NRR number associated with a hearing protector, the greater the potential for noise reduction.

¶The new ANSI/ISEA 105 scale and test method provides new cut resistance classification levels.


Quick Reference

Hard HatsOctober 2019

  • Front Brim Vented Hard Hat—Type 1, Class C48-73-1000—$19.99
  • Front Brim Vented Hard Hat—Type 1, Class C (Small Logo)48-73-1001—$19.99
  • Full Brim Vented Hard Hat—Type I, Class C48-73-1010—$24.99
  • Full Brim Vented Hard Hat—Type 1, Class C (Small Logo)48-73-1011—$24.99
  • Front Brim Hard Hat—Type 1, Class E48-73-1020—$19.99
  • Front Brim Hard Hat—Type 1, Class E (Small Logo)48-73-1021—$19.99
  • Full Brim Hard Hat—Type 1, Class E48-73-1030—$24.99
  • Full Brim Hard Hat—Type 1, Class E (Small Logo)48-73-1031—$24.99

Safety GlassesOctober 2019

  • Clear Safety Glasses48-73-2000—$9.99
  • Tinted Safety Glasses48-73-2005—$9.99
  • Clear High Performance Safety Glasses48-73-2020—$19.99
  • Tinted High Performance Safety Glasses48-73-2025—$19.99
  • Clear High Performance Safety Glasses with Gasket48-73-2040—$29.99
  • Polarized High Performance Safety Glasses with Gasket48-73-2045—$39.99

High Visibility Safety VestsOctober 2019

  • High Visibility Yellow Safety Vest—S/M48-73-5021—$19.99
  • High Visibility Yellow Safety Vest—L/XL48-73-5022—$19.99
  • High Visibility Yellow Safety Vest—XXL/XXXL48-73-5023—$19.99
  • High Visibility Orange Safety Vest—S/M48-73-5031—$19.99
  • High Visibility Orange Safety Vest—L/XL48-73-5032—$19.99
  • High Visibility Orange Safety Vest—XXL/XXXL48-73-5033—$19.99
  • High Visibility Yellow Performance Safety Vest—S/M48-73-5041—$39.99
  • High Visibility Yellow Performance Safety Vest—L/XL48-73-5042—$39.99
  • High Visibility Yellow Performance Safety Vest—XXL/XXXL48-73-5043—$39.99
  • High Visibility Orange Performance Safety Vest—S/M48-73-5051—$39.99
  • High Visibility Orange Performance Safety Vest—L/XL48-73-5052—$39.99
  • High Visibility Orange Performance Safety Vest—XXL/XXXL48-73-5053—$39.99

RespiratorsOctober 2019

  • N95 Valved Respirator with Gasket48-73-4001—$5.99
  • N95 Valved Respirator48-73-4011—$3.99

Hearing ProtectionOctober 2019

  • 10 Pair Ear Plugs48-73-3001—$3.99
  • 100 Pair Ear Plugs48-73-3005—$19.99
  • 3 Pair Corded Ear Plugs48-73-3151—$5.49


  • Impact Demolition Gloves—S48-22-8750—$29.99
    • Available Now
  • Impact Demolition Gloves—M48-22-8751—$29.99
    • Available Now
  • Impact Demolition Gloves—L48-22-8752—$29.99
    • Available Now
  • Impact Demolition Gloves—XL48-22-8753—$29.99
    • Available Now
  • Impact Demolition Gloves—XXL48-22-8754—$29.99
    • Available Now
  • High Visibility Cut Level 2 Polyurethane Dipped—S48-73-8920—$7.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 2 Polyurethane Dipped—M48-73-8921—$7.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 2 Polyurethane Dipped—L48-73-8922—$7.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 2 Polyurethane Dipped—XL48-73-8923—$7.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 2 Polyurethane Dipped—XXL48-73-8924—$7.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 3 Polyurethane Dipped—S48-73-8930—$8.90
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 3 Polyurethane Dipped—M48-73-8931—$8.90
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 3 Polyurethane Dipped—L48-73-8932—$8.90
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 3 Polyurethane Dipped—XL48-73-8933—$8.90
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 3 Polyurethane Dipped—XXL48-73-8934—$8.90
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Dipped—S48-73-8940—$10.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Dipped—M48-73-8941—$10.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Dipped—L48-73-8942—$10.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Dipped—XL48-73-8943—$10.99
    • October 2019
  • High Visibility Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Dipped—XXL48-73-8944—$10.99
    • October 2019
  • Goatskin Leather Gloves—S 48-73-0010—$19.99
    • October 2019
  • Goatskin Leather Gloves—M48-73-0011—$19.99
    • October 2019
  • Goatskin Leather Gloves—L48-73-0012—$19.99
    • October 2019
  • Goatskin Leather Gloves—XL 48-73-0013—$19.99
    • October 2019
  • Goatskin Leather Gloves—XXL 48-73-0014—$19.99
    • October 2019

LanyardsNovember 2019            

  • 10lb. 6’ Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard48-22-8812—$27.99
  • 15lb. Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard48-22-8816—$28.99
  • 15lb. 6’ Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8817—$32.99



About Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool, founded in 1924, is a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability. Whether it is through their world-leading M12™ and M18™ cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of their M12 and M18 FUEL™ products, jobsite lighting, time-saving accessories, or innovative hand tool and storage products, Milwaukee is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of advanced, trade-specific solutions. Milwaukee Tool is a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) (HKEx stock code: 669, ADR symbol: TTNDY). For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® products, please call 1-800-SAWDUST or visit www.milwaukeetool.com.